title title what's a title

July 2015

Karangahape Road

Featuring work by

Orr Amran (LA)
Alessandra Banal (AKLD)
Katherine Botten (MELB)
Jordana Bragg (WGTN)
Severine Costa (NEWCAL/DUD)
Zoe Crook (CHCH/LON)
Fresh and Fruity (INTERNET)
Lucy Fulford (DUD/WGTN)
Sophia Hattingh (AKLD)
Dilohana Lekamge (WGTN)
Amy Potenger (AKL)
Talia Smith (SYD/AKL)

Opening reception on the 10th July & artist talk 11th July 2015.

Organised by Mya Middleton, Hana Aoake and Fresh and Fruity.
In collaboration with YES COLLECTIVE.

In a proto digital age we negotiate our own representation and capitalist subjectivity, mediating our bodies and constructed identities through social media interfaces. Growing up online and being a part of these technologies evolution has meant that we now seek solidarity with those persons we interact with online. For instance, mediums such as twitter and tumblr offer a space in which those who experience ‘otherness’ can feel safe to express opinions, collectivise and organise. However, these spaces just like the ‘offline’ world (irl) can be unsafe in terms of privacy and the kinds of content one can receive. I have received several death and/or rape threats online for disagreeing with people.

When the conception of the internet first emerged it was proposed by many cyber feminists that the interweb would be a location in which women could experience an ‘emancipation from their bodies’. This has not happened. The way women and non binary people’s bodies are policed, ridiculed and attacked on a daily basis both irl and online (url) signals a need for the creation of safe spaces in which these oppressed persons can come together and find a sense of comradery with one another. The internet offers a platform in which people from all over the world can come together. The internet has revolutionized the geographical restrictions which in the past would have alienated and segregated people. Now through the simple use of a hashtag, such as #titletitlewhatsatitle we can find ways of experiencing the world. The real emancipatory potential of technology remains unrealized.(1) The internet still exists within a neo colonial capitalist framework, from which the body can never escape. While there is no escape online, as a medium it offers a way of finding connectivity with others regardless of geographical positioning.

Title title whats a title began as a google document in which a large group of artists from all over the world came together to safely discuss the ways in which these experiences and anxieties have affected their relationships with their bodies and communities. It offers a means to which we can examine the role of ‘otherness’ within a fine arts context. The collective document acts as an expression of a multitude of experiences, which probes questions around gendered capitalist subjectivity, intimacy, occupation of space, institutional learning and a consideration of the intersections between race, class, gender and sexuality. These discussions are diverse and range from concerns around representation of the gendered body within academia, navigating a diasporic identity within a neo colonial institution, and microaggressions within a fine arts context to the art historical dismissal of unpaid feminized labour. These discussions have proven to be invaluable in terms of building upon previous projects by Fresh and Fruity and as a tool for bringing these artists and their work together. Each artist has contributed to this document and will present a sampling of their work. Title title whats a title is a proposition; it is a gesture towards solidarity. It is a space where a multitude of experiences unify with a series of collective concerns. Yet it is a questioning of negotiable space both irl and url.

An edited version of this collective document will be presented online. A written response to this process and its concerns by Fresh and Fruity will be available both irl and url. This will be documented online, follow the hashtag, #titletitlewhatsatitle on social media or please watch the live stream. These works include performance, sculpture, design and video. This is a safe space for all participants if you intend on behaving in manner that is entitled or aggressive you will be asked to leave.

(1)Laboria Cuboniks, Xenofeminism: A Politics for Alienation, 0x03, (2015)